attack aircraft中文什么意思

发音:   用"attack aircraft"造句
  • 强[攻]击机
  • 强击机


  1. If an attacking aircraft was exactly in the centre between the two beams, the pilot's course would be continuously illuminated .
  2. Attack aircraft - these are the most relevant to the arma experience . attack aircraft are specialized at ground attack and tend to provide excellent close air support ( cas ) to infantry
    攻击机? ?在武装突袭中关系最大的类别,攻击机通过其对地攻击专用武器为步兵提供一流的近距离空中支援。
  3. The rules of the game is very simple , players only need to control the screen beneath the fort , the air attack aircraft fire to destroy them , and to prevent bombs fell on the ground can be
  4. Aviation : unmanned aerial vehicles are a vital tool of modern warfare . once - harmless drones are now deadly attack aircraft . where did the technology come from , and where is it going
  5. By 1955 the sea hawk performance was already considered mediocre which led to the installation of the more powerful 5 , 200 lb thrust nene 103 and the use of the sea hawk as a ground attack aircraft , cleared to carry external stores , a task at which the sea hawk excelled
    到1955年,因为“海鹰”的表现只能说是差强人意,所以换装了推力为5 , 200磅的“尼恩” 103发动机,同时, “海鹰”的角色也转变为一架对地攻击机, “海鹰”携带的外挂武器完全可以胜任。


  1. a high-speed military or naval airplane designed to destroy enemy aircraft in the air
    同义词:fighter, fighter aircraft


    Attack aircraft (also strike aircraft, attack bombers) are tactical military aircraft that have a primary role of attacking targets on the ground or sea, with greater precision than strategic bombers, and which are prepared to face stronger low-level air defenses. This class of aircraft is designed mostly for close air support and naval air-to-surface missions, but they are also employed in other missions, for example air interdiction or offensive counter air.


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