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  • automatic:    adj. 1.自动的;机械的。 2. ...
  • measuring:    n.,adj. 测量(的),测量用( ...
  • instrument:    n. 1.仪表,仪器 〔cf. to ...
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  1. Automatic measuring instrument
  2. As a basic energy of our counrry . the determination of calorific value of coal is very important to the excavation and efficient exploitation of energy . the traditional method of determination has many complicated coursese and always needs much work made by man . so the research of automatic calorie meter makes significentthrough the detailed analysis of principle and method of measurement , an automatic measuring instrument controlled by microcomputer is designed in this paper in order to take the place of manual operations . the instrument can almost do every operation by itself , such as the control of experimental progress , data collection , data computation and the printout of experimental results . furthermore , a distributing system of measurement building on field bus is designed too . under the control of personal computer , several calorie meters can work independently and simultaneously . on the other hand , a powerful measuring and control software is developed using visual computer language - visual basic and visual c + +
    设计不但能自动完成整个实验过程的控制和实验数据的自动采集,并且能自动完成数据计算和实验结果的打印输出。在此基础上,本文进一步设计出了基于现场总线技术的分布式测试系统,将多台自动热量计置于一台pc机的控制之下,极大地提高了测量的效率。并利用可视化语言visualbasic和visualc + +设计出功能强大的系统监控软件,以动画和实时曲线的形式动态模拟出整个实验的进程(包括故障显示) ,使得整个测量工作自动化、智能化。


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