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  • 巴特赖兴哈尔
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  1. The roof sagged slowly rather than coming down suddenly , fire service officials said . on january 2 , 15 people died when the snow - covered roof of an ice rink collapsed in the town of bad reichenhall , also in bavaria . twelve of the victims were children
    报道说, 1月2日,同样是在巴伐利亚州,靠近阿尔卑斯山的小城巴特赖兴哈尔的一家溜冰场发生顶棚坍塌事故,造成15人死亡,其中12名是儿童。


    Bad Reichenhall is a spa town, and administrative center of the Berchtesgadener Land district in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It is located near Salzburg in a basin encircled by the Chiemgauer Alps (including Mount Staufen (1,771 m) and Mount Zwiesel (1,781 m)).


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