bank account holder中文什么意思

发音:   用"bank account holder"造句
  • 银行帐户持有人
  • 银行账户持有人


  1. Bank account holder
  2. Bus fare hikes will affect all commuters , chiefly students , their parents , and factory workers . the number of posbank and dbs bank account holders affected by the proposed fall - below fee , according to newspaper reports , will reach half a million , some of them holding multiple accounts
  3. Data protection principle 4 of the ordinance requires that all reasonably practicable steps should be taken by a data user to ensure that personal data held by the data user are protected against unauthorized or accidental access , processing , erasure or other use . however , a bank account passbook is kept by the bank account holder himself and the bank merely provides the customer with his own personal data


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