bank account transfer中文什么意思

发音:   用"bank account transfer"造句
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  1. I was slightly worried about their service because of the scale of the company and the immediate requirement of sending the money by bank account transfer
  2. Information on demand service : users can order certain information and trace real time information they need , e . g . news , stock info , finance info and bank account transferring
    信息点播服务information on demand service :用户可进行信息点播,实时跟踪个人关注的信息,如新闻股票理财银行个人转帐等广泛的社会服务信息。
  3. For your convenience , we have set up an account with paypal , a widely accepted on - line payment method , to provide you the ease and safety of on - line donation via credit card or banking account transferring ,
    为了既安全又容易的在网上使用信用卡或银行转帐捐款给神洲电影制片厂,我们在paypal建立了帐号。作为一种网上付款和收款的方法, paypal已获得广泛采用。


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