banking and investment中文什么意思

发音:   用"banking and investment"造句
  • 银行和投资
  • banking:    n. 银行业;银行学;金融。
  • investment:    n. 1.投资;投资额;(时间、资本 ...
  • investment banking:    投行; 投资银行业务; 证券公司


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  1. They share directors from the top multinational banks and investment houses .
  2. It has been applied to measure and predict financial risk by many bank and investment institution
  3. The website uses the name of dbs bank and offers a number of banking and investment services
    该网站使用星展银行的英文名称dbs bank ,并声称提供多项银行及投资服务。
  4. The website is operated by an alleged " hkebc hong kong " , which claims that it offers various banking and investment services
    Www . hkebc . com的怀疑欺诈网站。该网站由声称的汇通
  5. In the history , commercial banking and investment banking evolved from combinating to separating , then back to combinating
    世界银行业大体经历了“融合? ?分立? ?再融合”的演变过程。


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