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  • 堤堰围成的人工湖
  • 堰湖
  • 堰塞湖
  • barrier:    n. 1.栅,栅栏,隔栏,障壁,隔板 ...
  • lake:    vi. 血球溶解。 vt. 使(血液 ...
  • ice-barrier lake:    冰川阻塞湖


  1. ( 5 ) by analyzing the terrace in the lacustrine sediment of the ancient barrier lake , diexi , minjiang river , forming of the terrace is not only because of the intermittent arising of the tectonic movement , but also because of descend of the eroding normal covering resulting from destroying of the barrier lake
    ( 5 )通过对岷江叠溪古堰塞湖湖相沉积中的河流阶地分析可知,阶地的形成不仅仅是由于新构造运动的间歇性抬升作用,由于堰塞湖的溃决引起洪水下泄,导致河流侵蚀基准面的下降也可以形成阶地。
  2. By studying the ancient barrier lake sediments , this paper mainly probes into the ancient climate evolution rule of more scale and less from twenty - two thousand to ten thousand years before present , diexi , minjiang river . moreover , influences to lower reaches of minjiang river is simply discussed because of die out of the ancient barrier . the using correlative theories in this thesis are mc chronology , sedimentology , isotope geology , environmental geology , geomorphology
    本论文运用~ ( 14 ) c年代学、沉积学、同位素地质学、地貌学等学科的有关理论,通过对岷江叠溪古堰塞湖湖相沉积物的研究,采用沉积物碳酸盐碳氧同位素等多环境代用指标,研究岷江叠溪地区距今约22千年10千年古气候演化规律,讨论了古堰塞湖形成演化过程与地质环境的相关性。
  3. ( 4 ) by five terraces surrounding the ancient barrier lake , presuming that destroyed process of the ancient barrier lake is at least divided into five phases at the time span of two thousand years to three thousand years , and it reflects the five times flood in the course of the destroying of the ancient barrier lake
    ( 4 )依据古堰塞湖湖相沉积中存在的五级阶地,说明古堰塞湖至少分为明显的五个阶段突发性消亡的,消亡的平均周期为2 3千年,并且反映了古堰塞湖消亡过程中五次洪水事件的发生。
  4. The implying environmental substitute indicators are carbonate carbon and oxygen isotopes and so on . the main conclusions drawn from this paper are as follows : ( 1 ) the ancient climate evolution , from twenty - two thousand to ten thousand years before present , diexi , minjiang river , is from dryness to wetness and can be divided into six phases and two periods by analyzing the ancient barrier lake sediments through multi - environment indicators , and its evolution cycle is three thousand years or so
    主要得出以下几点结论: ( 1 )通过利用多环境代用指标对岷江叠溪古堰塞湖沉积物的综合分析得出,岷江叠溪地区距今约22千年至10千年间的古气候经历了干旱湿润干旱的演化过程,演变周期大约为3千年,并将其划分为六阶段、两时期。
  5. ( 3 ) the forming wrapping structure because of interlayer between silt and clay at the transition part from the fourth layer to the fifth layer in the sediments section . according to this , intense change of the geoenvironment in this area at the period of filling up of the ancient barrier lake is presumed
    ( 3 )通过在沉积物剖面的第四层到第五层过渡的部位可以看到粉砂土层和粘土土层相互渗透而形成的包卷构造,推测古堰塞湖淤积时期内该区域的地质环境发生了重大改变。


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