basic reader中文什么意思

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  • 基础读本
  • basic:    Basic = Basic Engl ...
  • reader:    n. 1.读者,朗读者。 2.讲读者 ...
  • the reader:    朗读者; 生死朗读


  1. But the school teaches basic reading and arithmetic , and students read stories about " aids the destroyer " and take lessons in english and music
  2. When visual basic reads or writes files , or when it calls dlls , methods , and properties , it can automatically convert between data formats
    当visual basic读取或写入文件或调用dll 、方法和属性时,它可以自动转换数据格式。
  3. Given the very medieval nature of the wizarding world , i suggest that most kids are trained either by their parents in basic reading , writing , and math , or are trained in small one - room schools with a relatively few children and one teacher


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