be begin with中文什么意思

发音:   用"be begin with"造句
  • begin:    vi. (began; begun; ...
  • begin at:    从开始; 几点开始
  • begin with:    首先; 以……为开始; 以…开始;开 ...
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  1. So the dissertation is began with the scientific and economic analysis
  2. The azeotropic distillation of the system acetic acid - water - azeotropic agent ( isopropyl acetate and butyl acetate ) is simulated . due to the non - ideal behavior , nrtl - hoc and uniquac - hoc model is used to depict vapor - liquid phase equilibrium behavior of this system . concerning the liquid in the decanter , the stability is checked by tangent plane stability analysis , and the initialization of phase splitting calculation is produced . a good estimate of the phase fration is gotten by successive substitution with newton ' s method , and every component of two phase is gotten by mass equilibrium equation . finally , the solution of this equation is produced with successive substitution calcultion . the naphtali - sandholm method is used to simulation of azeotropic distillation . by virtue of this combined calculation method , the simulation is begun with operational data as basical data . the results of simulation accord with the operating data , which proved that the combined calculation method is credible
    该体系具有高度非理想性,气液相平衡模型采用nrtl - hoc和uniquac - hoc模型,采用切平面判据法对进入分层器中的液相进行液相稳定性测试,提供液液相分离计算的初值,再结合牛顿拉夫森迭代法运算求得相分割系数,根据物料衡算求出各相组成,循环迭代可求得分层各组分数据,共沸精馏模拟计算采用那夫塔列-山德荷姆全变量迭代算法。
  3. This section begins with the important position of the non - coercive means of environmental administration and comes to the descriptions to the creation of the non - coercive means of environmental administration . and these descriptions are begun with several important factors about the creation of the non - coercive means of environmental administration


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