be behind in中文什么意思

发音:   用"be behind in"造句
  • 落后,拖拉…
  • 在….落后


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  1. He is behind in handing in homework .
  2. Or do you feel you are behind in your language learning
  3. Because china is behind in terms of development of an economic base , production is very important to that nation , thompson says
  4. The west in our country is broad , which covers about 68 % of the whole land . because the natural condition is bad and the society is behind in history , the economic development of the west falls behind that of the east
    我国西部幅员辽阔,约占国土总面积的68 % ,但由于自然、历史等原因,西部地区的经济社会发展落后于东部地区。
  5. The first directors and officers liability insurance in china was released by picc and chubb group of insurance company on january 23 , 2002 . comparing with other countries and districts , our country is behind in the area of directors and officers liability insurance


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