be dead against中文什么意思

发音:   用"be dead against"造句
na. 坚决反对(某项计划)
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  1. but jim was dead against it at first
  2. therefore, we developed an campus network based educational administration system which is dead against idiographic educational administration
  3. the typical examples includes being hostile to paris commune, " red scare " which spread all over america, and palmer raids which was dead against the red revolution
  4. guangzhou baiyun area ketuo leather factory is dead against their predominance, establish the work important point on the product development, the market development, merchandise purchase, quality examination
  5. i tell you, he replied quickly, like a cornered dog, i am quite willing, provided it doesn t touch your love for me . if it would touch that, i am dead against it . connie could only be silent in cold fear and contempt


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