be of an age中文什么意思

发音:   用"be of an age"造句
  • 达到年龄
  • 同龄
  • age:    n. 1.年龄。 2.成年〔满廿一岁 ...
  • for an age:    很长的时间, 很久; 很长一个时期
  • of an age:    (岁数)同年


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  1. I ached to be of an age to take care of myself .
  2. He is of an age when he ought to settle down
  3. " i am of an age with each , what matter if my hair turns grey ?
  4. And indeed , the kids were of an age ? 2 1 / 2 years old ? where it ' s widely known that they do perform about as well as chimps in such tests
  5. The cultural deposits which are bracketed by the two flowstone layers should be of an age between 55 and 110 ka . the sixth flowstone layer gave date of 300 ka , which is much too old compared with the previous 14c age of - 15 ka on fossil materials
    第4 、 5钙板层间出土的石制品应是中国地区40 - 100ka间有人类活动的确证,表明“时间缺环”很可能只是测年技术应用不当造成的假象。


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