be passionately devoted中文什么意思

发音:   用"be passionately devoted"造句
  • 一往情深
  • devoted:    adj. 1.献身…的,埋头…的,热 ...
  • passionately:    热情地; 易怒地
  • be devoted to:    被用于,贡献给; 留作…只用; 献身 ...


  1. Disbelieving in the necessity of large - scale production in the modern world , he is passionately devoted to excessive secrecy , both in finance and ( in ) method of production
  2. The ? ? certainly promises uncertain important business matter cashing note , fully satisfied , but as long as softhearted honest and sincerely be passionately devoted , live a head quarter flourish however in an interesting condition color of
  3. The seventh class were persons such as are always found in courts , and especially in the courts of young sovereigns , and were particularly plentiful in the suite of alexandergenerals and adjutants , who were passionately devoted to the tsar , not merely as an emperor , but sincerely and disinterestedly adored him as a man , as rostov had adored him in 1805 , and saw in him every virtue and good quality of humanity
  4. Martin is completely discouraged , felt thorough vanishing , he all processes all manuscripts finished , no longer writes a character , obtained uses for the royalty to subsidize he the blood sisters , laundry room partner tall egypt , as well as maintains one ' s moral integrity , the female beautiful and skilled alizarin red for him which is passionately devoted , then joins in the sea , commits suicide


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