beat a dead horse中文什么意思

发音:   用"beat a dead horse"造句
  • 白费口舌,白费力气
  • 鞭打死马令其奔驰(徒劳)
  • 鞭打死马令其宾士(徒劳)
  • 在已经失去意义的问题上白花力气


  1. Quit asking him to do you a favor . you ’ re beating a dead horse
  2. I ' ve already made up my mind . there ' s no sense beating a dead horse
  3. You are beating a dead horse if you are trying to make him change his political views
  4. " it is not my predilection to go beating a dead horse . . . but i have little pity for a cannibal .
    我没兴趣对死人出手. . .但是我也不会同情吃人的家伙。


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