beat a team中文什么意思

发音:   用"beat a team"造句
  • 战胜一个队
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • team:    n. 1.(运动比赛的)队,团;工作 ...
  • beat survey team:    派递段考查队


  1. Beat a team
  2. Goals from asamoah gyan and sully muntari were enough to beat a team who are currently second in the fifa world rankings
  3. This result does not mean we are in a top moment right now because we beat a team with a lot of honour and pride
  4. " it ' s more important just to get a win . obviously to beat a team like the yankees that makes you feel a little better about yourself , " he said
  5. Milan deserved it , i didn ' t think we were going to win it anyway , you just can ' t beat a team like milan twice in 3 years in a major final


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