beat away中文什么意思

发音:   用"beat away"造句
  • 打掉
  • 打走
  • beat:    vt. (beat; beaten ...
  • away:    adv. 1.离开。 2.…去,…掉 ...
  • be beat:    累趴下了


  1. I think you ' re gonna be beating away chicks with a stick
  2. Whether his return is today or 10 years from now is irrelevant since eternity is only a heart beat away for any of us
  3. Real madrid ' s david beckham gestures after his team were beaten away by deportivo la coruna . los galacticos suffered a 2 - 0 defeat to the struggling side
    在拉科鲁尼亚队2 : 0战胜皇家马德里队后,皇马球星贝克汉姆脱掉运动服要和对方球员握手。
  4. Virgo : your fatal lover is leo , you would drive they the strong ego realize to be fond of up , but get along with long , leo ' s sometimes beating away a company to measure to all deal with affairs an attitude very difficultly would let you can not stand very much


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