biceps muscle中文什么意思

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  • 二头肌{拉}


  1. For instance , in the two - arm curling motion using a barbell , there is no affective resistance supplied to your biceps muscle in the fully contracted position
  2. Likewise her feminine eye took in the clothes he wore , the cheap and unaesthetic cut , the wrinkling of the coat across the shoulders , and the series of wrinkles in the sleeves that advertised bulging biceps muscles
  3. Through the electric stimulation training quadriceps muscles and biceps muscles on wushu athlete , observing electricity stimulating influence on feedback speed , on muscle strenth , on musculus endurance , on flexibility and sensitivity , the result find it had best influence through electricity stimulating training quadriceps muscles and biceps muscles at the same time , this can be used as the wushu athlete to train


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