big length中文什么意思

发音:   用"big length"造句
  • 大幅
  • big:    adj. 1.大,巨大;大规模的;已 ...
  • length:    n. 1.长,长度,长短。 2.(时 ...
  • big-length:    大幅


  1. The biggest length of a film of jade is 4
  2. The biggest weight is 20 ton and the biggest length is 22 meters . we have the precise method to testify the machinery property , high low organ , chemical compositions and ultrasonic discussion
  3. In this paper , ansys is been used as numerical method . base on one example , fem model is created by using parameterized modeling and the develop technique by ansys , the effect of the model size has been studied . lt has been certified that the proper parameter value of the model is helpful to develop the analysis accuracy . the length , the diameter and the elastic modulus of pile is changed to study their effect . the analysis shows that : as to frictional pile , big length , big diameter , and great modulus is helpful to develop the bearing capacity of piles
    并分析了模型尺寸对分析结果的影响,结论表明,适当的选取模型参数,有利于分析的精度的提高。文章还通过改变不同的桩土系统参数,桩长,桩的直径,以及桩的弹性模量,得到了桩土系统的响应,绘制了p ? s曲线,结论表明,对于摩擦桩而言,增大桩长,提高桩的直径,或者提高桩的弹性模量,有利于提高单桩的极限承载力。


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