blazon forth中文什么意思

发音:   用"blazon forth"造句
  • blazon:    n. 1.徽,纹章;纹章解说,徽章法 ...
  • forth:    adv. 1.向前,向前方。 2.以 ...
  • and so forth:    等等,如此等等; 依次类推
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  1. The "national enquirer" blazoned forth that we astronomers had really discovered another civilization .
  2. The theme of movie brilliant starlight is to be about life , blazon forth the olympic games
    电影星光灿烂的主题是: “关爱生命,弘扬奥运” !
  3. Abstract : the ming dynasty inherited the continental strategy of yuan dynasty and was greatly influenced by the south ? oriented strategy in song dynasty ; therefore , under the threat of north yuan , zheng he was sent to the western seas so as to blazon forth the virtue , to make international diplomatic relations , to promote sino ? western trade communication and to break through the difficult situation and cope with the enemy with its fleets on the sea ; thus , zheng he ' s expeditions was a great pioneering work in chinese history


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