blend from中文什么意思

发音:   用"blend from"造句
  • 调和自
  • blend:    vt.,vi. (blended, ...
  • from:     from above [ ...
  • blend in:    调和; 混合,加入; 原意为协调一致 ...


  1. Science and humanity : move towards blending from separating
  2. False or true complement poetry and drawing blend - on the poetry and draw blend from the false or true of chinese poetry and drawing
  3. By default , a two - color linear gradient is an even horizontal linear blend from the starting color to the ending color along the specified line
  4. An excenlent bordeaux blend from the pauillac bordeaux area of france . this wine has an exceptional quality and unbroken regularity , whose extraordinary richness demands long patience to unfold its
  5. Metalx nc306 is a transparent oil blended from selected base stocks combined with balanced additives , it is chlorine free and specially meets the requirements of machining copper and its alloys . it is non - staining to copper and contains an effective anti - mist suppressant to provide a safe and friendly working environment


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