bottle blowing machine中文什么意思

发音:   用"bottle blowing machine"造句
  • bottle:     bottle1 n. 1 ...
  • blow:    n. 1.打,打击,一击;殴打。 2 ...
  • machine:    n. 1.机(器),机械;机关,机构 ...
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  1. Zhejiang huangyan longhong plastic machinery fachinery is a major enterprise specializing in research , development and production of bottle blowing machines and injection blowing moulds
  2. The factory specializes in manufacture of cm series fully automatic , semiautomatic bottle blowing machines , injection and blow mould , pet bottle preform and cap of various specifications and space cup etc with famous brand lonhon
  3. In 2005 , the net income of the company reached rmb413 million , and the company delivered over 90 bottle beverage product lines , 39 fully automatic bottle blowing machines , and nearly 80 barrel water bottling product lines to clients , and the products are sold well in over 38 countries
    公司2005年度的净销售收入约为4 . 13亿人民币,交付给客户的瓶装饮料生产线超过90条,全自动吹瓶机39台,桶装水灌装线近80条,产品在超过38个国家市场上销售。


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