breaking hole中文什么意思

发音:   用"breaking hole"造句
  • 崩落孔
  • breaking:    n. 1.破坏;损伤;中断;折断;【 ...
  • hole:    n. 1.洞,穴,孔;(衣服等上的) ...
  • breaking in:    开始生产; 敲陷; 试车; 试运转磨 ...


  1. Soon other residents from grise fiord , a remote inuit hamlet in the canadian high arctic , traveled 50 miles by snowmobile to break holes in the ice so the whales could breathe
  2. After breakfast , i directly undress all of my clothes , wrapped me with the cotton quilt , just stretched out two hands from the broken holes of my quilt , and hold a book , leaned against the wall on which mud had been dropped


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