breeding capacity中文什么意思

发音:   用"breeding capacity"造句
  • breeding:    n. 1.孵化;饲养;繁育。 2.选 ...
  • capacity:    n. 1.包容力,吸收力,收容力。 ...
  • at capacity:    满负荷
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  1. When we asked whether there were more female lambs or more male lambs , he smiled and said , id rather that there would be more male lambs , for the breeding rams you helped us to select have a strong breeding capacity . our lambs each have a big size , and many of my neighbors have reached an agreement with my family to buy our rams . up to now , over twenty rams have been ordered
    当我们问起是母羔子多还是公羊羔子多时他笑着说: “我倒希望公羊羔子多,因为你们帮我们选的种公羊配种能力强,我们家的小羊羔子个头又大,都已经有好多邻居向我们订了耙子耙子是当地话,指的是种公羊大概订出去二十多只了,如果一只当年公羔子秋末卖上二百元钱,一只耙子怎么地也得卖上四百块钱左右。


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