bristle up中文什么意思

发音:   用"bristle up"造句
  • 昂首作势表示愤怒或轻蔑之意
  • bristle:    n. 1.(猪等的)鬃毛;(动、植物 ...
  • up:    adv. (superl. uppe ...
  • bristle with:    充满


  1. The dog ' s hair bristled up at sight of the stranger
  2. The animal ' s fur bristled up with anger
  3. The duke bristles up now , and says : " oh , let up on this cussed nonsense ; do you take me for a blame fool
    公爵这下子可发火了,他说: “嘿,别讲这一套废话你把我当一个大傻瓜?
  4. At the same time a woman will never miss a chance to count the number of times a man sleeks or bristles up his hair during the conversation
  5. But he was kind and gentle only with his own men , with timohin , and others like him , people quite new to him , belonging to a different world , people who could have no notion of his past . as soon as he was brought into contact with any of his old acquaintances , any of the staff officers , he bristled up again at once , and was vindictive , ironical , and contemptuous


  1. show anger or indignation; "She bristled at his insolent remarks"
    同义词:bristle at, bridle at, bridle up


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