business personnel中文什么意思

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  • 业务人员


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  1. At present , shanghai filiale has more than 50 of senior executive and business personnel , 170 skilled workers
  2. Personality , people of business , large people represent and act as a business personnel soon , but represent your enthusiasm to the work , personages who the boss will like too
  3. There are over 50 managers with senior technical titles in the company , and all business personnel at various levels have related certificates of competency or on - job certificates
  4. Through cross cultural ngotiation training , business personnel are given the appropriate knowlege that can help them prepaire their presentations and sales pitches effectively
  5. As part of the campaign , a series of food hygiene seminars , targeting food business personnel , teachers and the public , and roving exhibitions on food safety were held
    “食物安全日2005 ”亦包括连串食物?生讲座,对象包括食物业人员教师和市民以及多个以食物安全为主题的巡回展览。


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