buy and sell orders中文什么意思

发音:   用"buy and sell orders"造句
  • 买进卖出委托单
  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • sell:    vt. 1.卖,售 (opp. bu ...
  • order:    n. 1.次序,顺序;整齐;(社会) ...


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  1. Cancellation of buy and sell order
  2. Adjustment of buy and sell order
  3. Either cancellation or adjustment of buy and sell order , dependant upon the exchange actions
  4. For example , buy and sell orders for a stock symbol need to be processed in order
  5. But the “ specialists ” on the new york stock exchange ( nyse ) , who match buy and sell orders , walk a fine line between their duty to their customers and that to their employers
    但是在纽约证券交易所的负责买卖订单的“专家们” ,正走在一条介于对客户与对雇主的责任之间的不错的路。


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