buy medicine中文什么意思

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  • 市药


  1. She collected money and had me buy medicines to take with me .
  2. These savings will help employer health plans , state medicaid programs , and seniors who buy medicines on their own
  3. Similarly , if when were sick , we might not see a doctor but instead buy medicine at a pharmacy . there we find many supplements , vitamins and medicines for abdominal pain or headache , and randomly buy some and take them
  4. I have already spent a lot of money buying medicine for the child . now that the doctor has prescribed lots of tonics for him , i have to spend more . my financial situation is now rather difficult
  5. Responding to this , supreme master ching hai immediately arranged for us 50 , 000 to be sent to medecins sans frontieres doctors without borders in switzerland and us 49 , 985 to be sent to the international red cross in switzerland , to buy medicines and other necessities for the famine victims in southern sudan
    境况惨不忍睹,清海无上师得知此报导,立即指示拨款50 , 000美元给瑞士无国界医生组织及49 , 985美元给瑞士国际红十字会,用以购买药品及其它急需品给苏丹南部的饥荒灾民。


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