by status中文什么意思

发音:   用"by status"造句
  • 按状态
  • 依状态


  1. Search calendar entries by status for example , by accepted status
  2. The list contains items sorted by status , which kernel they had been included in if they were complete , and how far along they were if they were still incomplete
  3. It is the deep structure of brand culture , which primarily includes : benefits cognition , essentially realized by brand ' s function , characteristics , credibility and service ; emotional claim , which mainly includes emotion design , emotion packing , emotion promotion as well as emotion advertisement ; character value , which can be realized by status and position , personality and affinity , visualization of dreams and shopping space ; national cultural tradition , which can be completed by national cultural character
  4. Conclusion : from restructuring the system of the third party and of the third party with no independent right to claims by status quo analyzing and comparative law study , this essay achieves a final mode of third party system and a restructured system of third party with no independent right to claims , and this conclusion solves the problems advanced in the case from the introduction successfully
  5. Accident reappearance is usually used by two ways : 1 , analysis method - status of post - accident is concluded by status of pre - accident . 2 , simulation method - a serial of status was given before accident happened , and then result of accident was concluded by simulates accident with these statuses . the most possible assumption that closes to real result is deemed to the fact of pre - accident


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