cake walk中文什么意思

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  1. It is such a cake walk ; i can finish it in an hour
    (这是一件简单的事,我能在一小时做完。 )
  2. A cake walk
  3. But when junie b . wins the cake walk , she chooses the bestest cake of all ? the one wrapped in sparkly aluminum foil
    可是当琼丝在“走蛋糕”游戏中获取胜利后,她选择了一个最最好的蛋糕? ?用铝箔裹着的哪个。
  4. At first glance , being ceo of a non - profit organization may seem like a cake walk compared to her commercial counterpart - - there is no bottomline to watch , no share price impact to worry about
    骤眼看来,在非牟利机构当ceo ,与其他商业机构相比,似乎是较为容易,因无底线可从,亦不用担心股价受影响。


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