发音:   用"caky"造句
  • adj.


  1. The method is : the blood that oneself push a cut first with the hand ( if cut blood is caky already , can be all round its plunge into ) of a few pinprick , on the spot uses clear water , tap water or 20 % suds rinse about 15 minutes ( do not wrap up ) , all get on for local hospital next or prevent protect a branch to undertake normal , complete processing again
    方法是:自己用手先挤出伤口的血(如伤口血已凝固,可在其四周扎几个针眼) ,就地用清水、自来水或20 %肥皂水冲洗约15分钟(不要包扎) ,然后尽快到当地医院或防保部门再进行正规、彻底的处理。
  2. Because , this is of chinese herbal medicine outer the organization is stimulated suddenly by high fever , instantly constrictive , caky even , its protein is formed on cellular wall cannot go against the metamorphic layer that turn , prevent moisture development , organize interior to composition dissolves hard and be released , such , the decoct of medicaments active ingredient goes out rate reduce greatly , affect curative effect badly


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