capping bed中文什么意思

发音:   用"capping bed"造句
  • 盖层
  • capping:    n. 〔美国〕(拍卖时)使用假买手诱 ...
  • bed:    n. 1.床,床铺;床位,铺;(动物 ...
  • abutment capping:    台帽


  1. It is concluded that there is a very closed relationship between sedimentary sequence and gas pool . sequence controlled the association of source beds , reservoirs and cap beds , controlled the distribution
  2. The study result show that tarim basin has three major better hydrocarbon source rocks , which are the cambrian - ordovician , carboniferous - lower permian and triassic - tertiary source rocks , and high efficiency gas reservoirs and seal rocks , forming five sets of regional associations of gas reservoir and capping bed
  3. According to the results of testing and analysis , the characteristics of reservoir and cap beds are analyzed in carboniferous in the area and it is pointed out that donghe sandstone , bioclastic limestone , sandstone - mudstone and limestone members are better reservoir in the region , and lower mudstone , middle mudstone and upper mudstone members are better and regional cap beds
  4. With an area of 5300 km2 , dongpu depression is located in the southwest of lin - qing depression , bohaiwan basin , bounded with lu - xi uplift by lan - liao fault in the east , with nei - huang uplift by chang - yuan fault in the west , with lan - kao heave by the north feng - qiu fault in the south , with xin country depression by ma - ling fault in the north , while spreading along nne defection , taking on the forms of being wide in the south , and narrow in the north . it is a rift fault depression basin with the characteristics of striking , with the basement being the paleozoic and mesozoic , and the capping beds being the cenozoic


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