capping formation中文什么意思

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  • 盖层


  1. There are fine local cap formations existing in upper and lower youshashan formation of jurassic system
  2. The claystone seal formation of lower ganchaigou formation ( ? ) and upper ganchaigou formation ( nj ) has the character of large thickness and distributional stability , which is the regional cap formation in north rim of chaidamu basin
    下干柴沟组( e _ 3 )与上干柴沟组( n _ 1 )泥岩盖层具有厚度大、分布相对稳定的特点,是整个北缘地区的区域性盖层。
  3. Sedimentary control of coalbed methane in this region were expounded according to the control and influence of sedimentation on coal gathering action ( thickness of coal reservoirs , distributing and coal - bearing characteristics ) , on forming and distributing , maceral , organic facies and coalfacies , cap formation types and their sealing capability of adjoining rock
    根据沉积作用对聚煤作用(煤储层的厚度、分布及含煤性特征) ,对煤储层的形成与展布、煤岩组成、有机相和煤相、顶底板盖层类型与封盖性能的控制和影响,讨论了沉积作用的控气特征。
  4. There are four kinds of fault , according to geometric character of fault , which are deep - seated fault , the fault surface cross cap formations but is not reach to ground , the fault surface cross to ground and ground fault . discuss the closure ability , based on the active stage and the lithlogic of two sides in fault


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