cell age中文什么意思

发音:   用"cell age"造句
  • 菌龄
  • 细胞年龄
  • 细胞增殖周期时相


  1. Study on angiotensin inducing endothelial cell aging in vitro
  2. Increased skin surface activity , the metabolism of trace elements regulate cell growth . enhance the vitality of elastin and collagen protein , preventing cell aging and promote cell regeneration and increase blood circulation . improving metabolism , anti - bacterial , anti - itching … … the aging of the skin , relax , bark , diaopi , have had some effect
    增加皮肤表面酶活性,调节细胞生长新陈代谢所需的多种微量元素,提高弹性蛋白与胶原蛋白的活力,具有防止细胞老化,促进细胞再生,增加血液循环,提高新陈代谢,抗菌,止痒… …对皮肤老化,松弛,死皮,掉皮,有一定作用。
  3. We concluded that excessive expression of exogenous htr gene may compete with the endogenous telomerase rna and prevent rna template from combining with telomeric dna , thus repressing the elongation of telomeric dna ( telomeres ) and causing cell aging and cell death . - 6 - 3 . some modifications have been made to overcome the limitation of conventional telomeric repeat amplification protocol ( trap ) assay


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