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  • [英文释义] Any of several ways in which living cells of an organism communicate with one another,whether by direct contact between cells or by means of ch+更多解释...


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  1. of course, immunologists also want to know what, if anything, these protein movements “ mean ” in the context of immune cell communication
  2. at least two other mechanisms could play a role in organizing proteins at the synapse, but the extent of their influence on immune cell communication is controversial
  3. the study demonstrates how inflammation in mice increases nr2b proteins-proteins that facilitate nerve cell communication-that imprint a painful response in the brain even after the stimulus is removed
  4. in this dissertation, i do analysis and research on the cell communication net-based position technology and channel model . and i give out a position algorithm of anti-nlos, and simulate it . and i also introduce the constructure of the positioning system and the evaluation
  5. biotic or abiotic stimuli can first cause the alteration in apoplastic signaling system; on the other hand, apoplast provides a convenient pathway for cell-cell communication, and therefore plays a key role in regulation of cell differentiation, organ genesis, and growth development of plants


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