change network中文什么意思

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  • 修改网络


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  1. Arc - automatically adjusts picture quality to changing network conditions
    Arc -当网络情况转变,图像品质会自动转变
  2. The adaptive rate control function automatically varies the video data transfer rate to meet changing network conditions
  3. By installing an ethernet switch , users can provide stations with dedicated 10m bit / sec bandwidth without changing network adapter cards
  4. The adaptive rate control function varies the bit rate of a v data corresponding to changing network conditions and selects the most appropriate frame rates
    自适应码率控制arc arc功能自动调整视频数据的传输率,以便适应网络状况的变化。
  5. Firewall is the most effective means to keep network safe . how to set firewall in a network simply and cheaply without changing network structure is put forward before corporations


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