发音:   用"changeably"造句
  • adv.


  1. Ods possesses some characteristics of some characteristics and oltp systems of the data warehouse , it is the data " who faces the theme , integrates , or close to present , constantly changeably at present " because dss is peculiar : ca n ' t fully understand the demand ; the demand change is great ; implement time long cycle , but the customer demands to become effective and wait for the characteristic soon at the time of making bi systematic scheme of the enterprise layer , should consider on the issue that there is a great deal of , in a situation that the fish and bear ' s paw must hold concurrently , make the choice
    Ods ( operationaldatastore )是数据仓库体系结构中的一个可选部分, ods具备数据仓库的部分特征和oltp系统的部分特征,它是“面向主题的、集成的、当前或接近当前的、不断变化的”数据。由于决策支持系统特有的:不能充分了解需求;需求变动大;实施周期时间长,但客户要求见效快等特点。在制定企业级的bi系统方案时,就会有诸多问题要考虑,在鱼和熊掌不能兼得的情况下,做出选择。


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