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  • 包机飞行


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  1. Expanding vessel charter service
  2. Air charters - global air charter service with almost no size or weight limitations
  3. Charter service - air charter services can accommodate your special handling and space requirements around the world
    Charter service -包机服务可满足您在全球的特别处理和空间要求。
  4. Provides short and long term leases to air carriers , tour operators , government agencies and relief services . also provide full plane load charter service to the travel industry in general
  5. We have annual chartered service on european route with dragon air , and also have close contacts with korean airline , ups , singapore airline , nippon airline , malaysia airline and asiana airline
    除欧洲航线与港龙航空全年包板外,还与大韩航空、 ups航空、新加坡航空、全日空航空、马来西亚航空以及韩亚航空等航空公司合作。


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