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  1. This means that we don ' t actually need to fix chromosomal mutations at all in order to stop them from killing us : all we need to do is develop a really good cure for cancer
  2. 3 ) the results of studying on the chromosomal mutation and mitosis of the wheat irradiated by uv - b indicated that the rate of mitosis was inhabited by uv - b radiation ( 10 . 08 kj ? m " 2 ? d " 1 ) in wheat cells , and some types of chromosome aberration were induced
    ( 3 )对染色体及细胞分裂的研究结果表明,增强uv - b辐射能抑制小麦细胞的有丝分裂率,产生落后染色体、染色体桥、游离染色体、核变形等畸变。
  3. Studies on karyotypes wihin clones indicated that all the karyotypes belonged to stebbins ' 3b type . there are different karyotype formulas , polymorphsim of satellite chromosome , variations of chromosomal structure and b - chromosome in clones . chromosomal mutation is important factor of chromosomal structure variations within clones


  1. (genetics) any event that changes genetic structure; any alteration in the inherited nucleic acid sequence of the genotype of an organism
    同义词:mutation, genetic mutation


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