clean shave中文什么意思

发音:   用"clean shave"造句
  • 〔美国〕无可疵议的工作,美满完成的工作。
  • clean:    adj. 1.清洁的,干净的;未染污 ...
  • shave:    vt. (-d; -d, shave ...
  • a close shave:    侥幸脱险; 剃光头发, 侥幸的脱险


  1. All male associates should be clean shaven at all times whilst on duty
  2. Shaving is most commonly used by men to remove their facial hair , and a man is called clean shaven if he has had his removed totally
    刮胡子是男人们最平常的事情,我们往往称呼一个胡须刮得很干净的男人为“小白脸(刀削面、青皮、青光脸、不毛之地… ) ” 。
  3. Col . grangerford was very tall and very slim , and had a darkish - paly complexion , not a sign of red in it anywheres ; he was clean shaved every morning all over his thin face , and he had the thinnest kind of lips , and the thinnest kind of nostrils , and a high nose , and heavy eyebrows , and the blackest kind of eyes , sunk so deep back that they seemed like they was looking out of caverns at you , as you may say


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