command a panoramic view of中文什么意思

发音:   用"command a panoramic view of"造句
  • 尽收眼底
  • command:    vt. 1.命令,指令;指挥,统率( ...
  • panoramic:    adj. 全景的,全貌的。 a pa ...
  • view:    n. 1.看,望;眺望,展望;观察, ...


  1. There is a 40 meter - tall sightseeing tower , which commands a panoramic view of the wetland
  2. It commands a panoramic view of the city area from the small park at the top of the mountain
  3. If you go along hatton road , you ll arrive at the historic pinewood battery , which commands a panoramic view of the western approach to victoria harbour
  4. What s more , you can enjoy an exclusive " buy 1 get 1 free " offer at the newly furnished champion circle , which commands a panoramic view of the parade ring and the winning post


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