compensation adjustment中文什么意思

发音:   用"compensation adjustment"造句
  • 补偿调整
  • 补偿度的装定


  1. Application of one - chip computer control thyristor and replacing combination for timing compensation adjustment enable it to realize fast non - contact adjustment
  2. The department can really realize one - stop service on case reporting , emergency rescue , urgent repair , view of the scene , accident handling , evaluation and compensation adjustment , and following service . at present , the company has 1000 car policy - holders
  3. One robust compensation adjustment is presented , based on which and h ? mixed sensitivity control method , then a new h - control method is brought forward and is applied in the pressure - adjusting loop of this system . h mixed sensitivity control method is applied in the position - adjusting loop . system simulation and experiments prove that using these two control methods , performance of close - loop system is very good and excellent robustness is obtained too
    在此基础上,针对h _控制混合灵敏度优化策略的特点,提出了一种新的h _控制方法,并将其应用到卷取机步进控制系统的压力控制环节,同时首次将h _控制混合灵敏度优化策略应用于卷取机步进控制系统的位置控制环节,系统仿真和物理系统模拟实验证实这两种控制方法不仅保证了闭环系统特性,还具有良好的鲁棒性。
  4. According to the ink color evaluation of the water - soluble ink color performance analysis , timely in the production of films for separation of trichromatic color ink deviation compensation adjustment so that indian goods to achieve the desired color and density , the higher the quality of printing


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