compensation agreement中文什么意思

发音:   用"compensation agreement"造句
  • 补偿协定
  • 抵偿协定


  1. Tottenham set a deadline of midday tomorrow for a compensation agreement on arnesen or say they will report us to the premier league
  2. United are keen for pique to play regularly in the new campaign and are looking for a game - guarantee to be inserted into the contract , with a compensation agreement in place should pique not play the required number of matches
  3. Accounting choice is determined to influence one or more of the firm ' s contractual arrangements . such contractual arrangements include executive compensation agreements and debt covenants , the primary function of which is to alleviate agency costs by better aligning the incentives of the parties . however , depending on the structure of these contracts , ex post accounting choices may be made to increase compensation or to avoid covenant violation
    事实上,企业赖以生存的利益相关者不仅仅包括经理人员和股东,债权人、员工、供应商、消费者、政府等,也与企业的利益紧密相关;显然,科斯企业理论及其以后的发展,对企业的认识存在着一定的局限性, “公司是由持有该公司普通股的个人和机构拥有”的传统观点过于狭隘。


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