compression apparatus中文什么意思

发音:   用"compression apparatus"造句
  • 压迫止血器
  • 压气装置


  1. Stress control triaxial compression apparatus
  2. Strain control triaxial compression apparatus
  3. Lots of tests are carried out for saturated loess ( such as intact loess , disturbed loess ) , in the confined compression apparatus , and the routine triaxial apparatus as well as the triaxial apparatus respectively . the characteristics of deformation and strength of saturated structural ko - consolidated loess are obtained by analyzing the result of the texts , especially by comparing with the deformation and strength of saturated disturbed loess
    本文在侧限高压固结仪、常规三轴仪和多功能三轴仪上,分别对原状饱和结构性k _ 0固结黄土和饱和重塑黄土进行了大量的试验。通过整理分析各试验结果,尤其是通过对比饱和重塑黄土的变形和强度特性,得出了饱和结构性k _ 0固结黄土的变形和强度特性。


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