concrete number中文什么意思

发音:   用"concrete number"造句
  • concrete:    adj. 1.具体的,有形的;实在的 ...
  • number:    n. 1.数;数字;〔pl.〕算术。 ...
  • in the concrete:    具体化, 实际上
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  1. The concrete numbers , job classifications and monthly wages of the above personnel ( hereinafter referred to as party a ' s personnel ) are specified in annex hereto which shall constitute an integral part of this contract
  2. It begins from the introduction of the west district in china , and sets forth the status quo of the development of it in concrete number , that is there is extreme unbalance between the east and west district
  3. The theory overall illuminates how the investment company proceeds the stock choice and turns the stock choice into the concrete number by turning six factors given weights that affect the result of the stock choice into the probability of the stock choice by the quantitative method . the important points lie in : 1 considering the external environment , the growth nature , the venture and the corporate v alue ; 2 overcoming the non - comparability of the financial ratios between the corporations of different lines
  4. The traditional media ' s audience rate and the frequent reading rate is hard to be accurately counted , the propaganda effect is more difficult to weigh , but , the handle advertisement media , through the traffic operation ticket statistics , can calculated the propaganda target and audience frequency data to the concrete number


A concrete number is a number associated with the things being counted, in contrast to an abstract number which is a number as a single entity. For example "five apples" and "half of a pie" are concrete numbers while "five" and "one half" are abstract numbers.


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