condition of affairs中文什么意思

发音:   用"condition of affairs"造句
  • 财产情况说明书, 清算资产负债表, 财务经营状况
  • 财产状况说明书
  • 财务状况说明书, 清算资产负债表
  • 事情状况


  1. He gave her a grateful, furtive look, and went back to his guest; an impulse had made him hide from her the true condition of affairs .
  2. Condition of affairs
  3. In such a condition of affairs , whatever your further plans may be , the interests of your majestys service make it essential to muster the army at smolensk , and to rid them of ineffectives , such as cavalry men without horses , as well as of superfluous baggage and a part of the artillery , which is now out of proportion with the numbers of the effective army


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