contestable markets中文什么意思

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  • 可竞争市场


  1. To arrive the resea rch target , the paper mostly use the new institution economics theory and its method , and the cost - value analysis method to research the mechanism of natural resources mixed market and its optimum institution way to optimize it . the second charter of the paper introduces the basic theory about the natural resources market . it comprise the pigouvian tax theory , coase theorem , and the market regulation theory which include the public value theory , the capture theory , and the modern market regulation theory which include the rent - seeking theory , the contestable market theory and the new institution economics regulation theory
  2. They had based on the natural monopoly theory . the second chapter reviews the traditional theory of natural monopoly in the frame of classical economics , from economics of scales , economics of scopes and to subadditivity of cost , including the extension of “ marshall puzzle ” and “ theory of contestable markets
  3. The paper analyzes comparatively interior transaction cost of integrated model with analysis structure of r . h . coase and market transaction cost of market model according to bargain proceeding ; analyzing economy of scales for electricity industry on the terms of its definition coming up with an improved " survival of the fittest " method to find optimum economic scale and explaining " separation of power plant from electric network " with the view of vertical economy ; studying selection and realization for valid competition of electricity industry with theory of contestable market , while setting up a oligarch monopoly competition model for the electricity market based on tax control of government with the thought of dynamic game theory of
    应用科斯的交易成本分析框架对一体化管理模式下的内部交易成本进行分析,按照契约过程对市场化模式下的市场交易成本进行分析,并作了相应比较;按照规模经济的定义对电力产业的规模经济性进行了分析,提出改进的"适者生存法"来确定电力产业的最优经济规模,并运用纵向经济的观点解释"厂网分开" ;应用可竞争性理论研究了电力产业的有效竞争方式的选择和实现,同时借鉴stackelberg模型的动态博弈思想,构建了基于政府税收调控的电力市场寡头垄断竞争模型,通过对模型的分析说明了市场结构的演化和政府管制的必要性。


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