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  1. The circuit metal temperature is an elemental result averaged over the cycle , and shows the temperature of the metal cooling circuits
  2. Temperature switches are used in signalizing , monitoring and controlling of heating , and cooling circuits in machines , compressors and engines
  3. Typical applications are in the fields of mechanical engineering , heating and cooling circuits , air conditioning , plant engineering and environmental technology
  4. Particular attention has been paid to the design of the cooling circuit , by carefully choosing the solution “ fans - heat sink ” capable of ensuring the best cooling of the equipment and therefore a high degree of reliability
  5. In order to apply esd to practical engineering , the author develops computer - aided events sequence diagram system ( caesds ) . taking the power failure of spaceship cooling circuit drove pump as an example , this thesis uses the improved esd method and the esd model constructed by caesds , drawing a conclusion that the improved method and caesds is valid in manned spaceflight risk assessment


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