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  • 团体,行会


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  1. Corporatio may be privately or publicly owned
  2. A list of the 500 largest american corporatio published a ually by " fortune " magazine
  3. A : head offices of your group corporatio may realize prompt integrated fund tra fer and centralized allocation . it is good for internal supervision and administration
  4. We understand that you are interested in both the import and export of . . . and it is on this subject that we wish to introduce ourselves in the hope of establishing mutually beneficial busine relatio between our two corporatio
    了解到你们对… (商品)的进口和出口都感兴趣,故愿自荐,希望在我们两公司间建立互利的业务关系。
  5. With china ' s entry into the wto , pangang ( group ) corporation ’ s leaderships recognized the need to seize opportunities and meet the challenge of economic globalization , the introduction of advanced management ideas and means to transform the traditional enterprises , and establish pangang ( group ) corporation financial management information system , and achieve financial centralized management , a financial settlement , accounting , budget , control , analysis integration of financial management information platform and the progressive realization of financial and business ’ s integration in the future , at last ultimate pangang ( group ) corporatio ’ s achievement of a comprehensive information technology
    随着中国加入wto ,攀钢公司领导认识到必须抓住机遇、应对经济全球化的挑战,引进先进的管理思想和手段来改造传统企业,建立攀钢(集团)公司财务管理信息系统,实现财务集中管理,形成财务结算、核算、预算、控制、分析一体化的财务管理信息平台,并在今后逐步实现财务业务一体化,最终实现攀钢全面信息化。


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