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  1. Study of automatic correcting deviation in measuring technology
  2. Through study on diversification strategy and acquisition of correct understanding of it , we can correct deviations in diversification practice and promote healthy development of enterprise groups , so the study is worthwhile
  3. Series of guowei dry - method composite machines as new product are explored with our many years ' experience , the requirement of the users . the first metal of this machine is adopted with : photo - ecectricity auto . tracking " correcting deviation equipment , magnetic powder tension control . pneumatic back pressure shifting blade , oven temperature controlled qutomatically , big roll with oil heating , coating composite pneumatic control as well as double frequency governor etc . it will make the machine with fast speed , lower voice , low polluted by air , shout consumptionfor energy , stable working etc . especially suitable for al - foil with smooth surface and no enough firming , glass paper , polyester ect . the composite material with hard strength , fireproof , anti - ventilation , anti - fatty , frozen , dudrable steam etc character . it is widely used in food , pharmacy , as well as daily articles to package
    “国伟” 、系列干式复合机,是我厂根据多年的复合机制造经验及结合客户需求,开发的新产品,该机第一基材采用了“光电自动跟踪”纠偏放卷装置,磁粉张力控制、气动背压移动式刮刀、烘箱温度分段自动控制、大辊筒导热油加热、上胶复合气动控制及双变频调速技术,使该机具有复合速度快、噪声低、空气污染小、能耗低、运行平稳等特点,适宜于表面光滑的铝箔玻璃纸聚酰胺等与聚乙烯、聚丙烯等薄膜的复合,复合薄膜具有强度高、防水、防透气、防油脂、可冷冻、蒸煮等优点,广泛应用冷冻食品、干燥食品、医药品及日用品的包装。
  4. Lastly , a photoelectric detect and correct deviation control experiment table is designed , in which the performance of the linear ccd intelligent detect method and sensor we have studied in this thesis is tested . experiment and simulation show that they have good performance and can satisfy the intelligence detect requirement of typographical mark well . results verify the effectiveness and utility of the intelligence detect method
  5. Behavioral finance is composed of two key factors : driven by irrational bias , part of investors behave irrationally ; and rational traders are of en powerless to correct deviations from fundermental value caused by irrational traders through hedging , this means that irrational expectation can have a substantial and long - lived impact on prices
    行为金融理论包含两个关键要素: ( 1 )部分投资者由非理性或非标准偏好驱使而做出非理性行为; ( 2 )具有标准偏好的理性投资者无法通过套利活动纠正非理性投资者造成的资产价格偏差。这意味着非理性预期可以长期、实质性影响金融资产的价格。


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