corrected gear中文什么意思

发音:   用"corrected gear"造句
  • 修正齿轮
  • correct:    adj. 正确的;恰当的,合适的;( ...
  • gear:    n. 1.【机械工程】齿轮,(齿轮) ...
  • corrected:    校正的; 校正过的; 已改正的; 已 ...


  1. In this paper , we designed the structure of the gear and rack in this actuating mechanism , elaborated the theory of its formation , and deduced the profile function and gearing function of the gear and rack . furthermore , we deduced the inherent radius of going around a turn under certain circumstance , the condition of the correct gearing and the continuous transmission . in order to make the mechanism move steady , we designed the derivation mechanism and manufacture the modle


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